Shawn & Tenielle Niles 

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Shawn & Tenielle Niles are the Lead Pastors of Dad's House Church in Yakima, Washington.


Shawn and Tenielle are long time ministers who have served in multiple capacities in the church world. Shawn has served in ministry for 15+ years as youth pastor, children's pastor, worship pastor, and associate pastor in churches in Washington, New Jersey and Hawaii, and now as the lead pastor for Dad's House. He has served on State Youth & Christian Education Boards, and spoken on youth, children, church planting and city transformation at national conferences. His desire is to see people, not churches, planted in cities, for the sake of regional transformation. Shawn & Tenielle are members of the Bethel Leaders Network with Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  He is also a graduate of The Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School.  

Shawn is very passionate about seeing transformation in his city. He sits on the board of directors for Safe Yakima Valley, a non-profit organization that helps to "build safe communities, neighbor by neighbor." He is the chair for the Faith & Family Chapter. 


Shawn has written several books, which you can find out more about on our Resources page. Shawn is also very passionate about the culinary world, and was one of the top 40 contestants on MasterChef Season 8, and a competitor in the World Food Championships. Check out his food website, The Fat Pastor. 


Tenielle has been Shawn's partner in ministry in every location. She is passionate about worship, missions and healthy people. They have one son, Asher, who is 5.